Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heading to Washington, DC

So we loaded everyone into the family roadster at 7:30am this morning to embark on a 12 hour drive to Ashburn, Virginia (DC area) to visit with my brother and nephew, his girlfriend and her daughter, and some good friends who live in the DC Area. For those who have made this voyage, you might realize it is not supposed to be a 12 hour drive. However, with Mike behind the wheel of the van, we managed to take a few detours (including going to my brother's girlfriend's parents house instead of his girlfriends new house). Thank goodness my brother called to check on us and caught the error before we arrived on their front doorstep. We were literally minutes from arrival!

But aside from the extra time (and gas and tolls), we arrived safely. The kids were great in the car. We only stopped twice for bathroom breaks and for gas at each stop. Lisa had packed a bunch of sandwiches and snacks, so we just ate in the car to help pass time. :-) Even Tamene faired the trip like a champ. He learned all kinds of new animal sounds, sang some songs, played with his magna doodle and books and took 2 naps. He was thrilled to be able to run around once we arrived, but I thought he did awesome!

I will try to take some updated pictures this week since I have been so remiss in updating the blog. We are really looking forward to spending a relaxing week together and allowing Geta and Tamene to get to know Uncle Wally, Cam, Johanna and Jolene.