Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Photo from Easter

So, many are wondering why we don't post pictures of our other kids on this site. I don't have a good reason. So I thought I would take this opportunity to put some family pictures from Easter. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Went to church

Brought home 6 kids. One step at a time. Later, Mike

Oh, Tamene and Geta went to the fire station today to see Grandpa. Geta loved it, but Tamene wasn't quite sure what to think. Didn't love the lights so Grandpa and Grandma wisely skipped the sirens. He had fun, but not quite ready to take the big rig out yet.

Oh, and tomorrow, Tamene turns two. Man, last year my youngest was 6, and now I have a two year old. But am loving it.

I have another thing to story to tell you, but it needs a picture so maybe tomorrow. But don't get too excited, it can't compare with my last one. Later, Mike

Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 is enough, but is 6 too many

Okay, so I have been meaning to post this for a while now because in my book, it is too good not to share.  Don’t tell Kristen as I am not sure she would love me sharing (let’s hope she doesn’t read our blog).

Anyway, during our outings, when we are loading up in the car, we have now taken to roll call to be sure we have everyone.  It actually makes for some fun.  Do we need to do this?  Well, read on.

So, we are at church on Saturday and we have to leave relatively soon after Mass as Kristen and I have plans (gotta like that).  We, of course, stay after Mass for our typical 10-15 minutes after it ends, so we are rushing out of church.  We are all walking and Geta is holding the door for me.  I see all the kids but Josh, and Geta says “where’s Joshua?”  I said he is ahead of us and around the corner as I thought he was, and I yell to Patrick, “Do you see Josh?”  I know, nice use of quotes.  You feel like you are there with me, don’t you?  I, of course, get caught up in something else and never listen for Patrick’s response.

Flash ahead.  I like that segway too.  We are now home and I am throwing together some leftovers for dinner as we have maybe 15 minutes to get out the door and I want to have all the kids fed.  I am now 5 minutes in (the anticipation builds) and the phone rings.  It is Fr. Nate.  “Mike, are you missing something?”  It comes to me.  He says, “Joshua is here with me.”  I, of course, being quick witted as always, say “Can we pick him up after 10am Mass tomorrow?”

Geta tells Mommy she was trying to tell us.  Maybe we missed that one.

I find comfort in the knowledge that everyone leaves one of their kids now and then, right.  Isn’t that what happens on Kate plus Eight.  I have never watched but I assume so.  And next week, Kate plus seven.  Nice tag line, who wouldn’t watch.

Don’t worry Josh is home and well and we now know how very important roll call is.  I am off to count the kids.  Later.  Mike



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flat Christian gets a wardrobe

So, my nephew Cam, who lives in the greater DC area, has a school project going on where they sent "flat" dolls to family and friends. They read the Flat Stanley book and decorated flat dolls of their own. I had volunteered to do some fun things with "Flat Cam". Unfortunately, we received "Flat Christian". We have no idea if this was intentional, but we are trying to make the most of "Flat Christian's" visit. So far, we have taken "Flat Christian" on a bike ride to Grandma and Grandpa's house and to Redamak's in New Buffalo. We have big plans to take him to Barnaby's, Notre Dame, the Studebaker Museum, the College Football Hall of Fame and the South Bend Chocolate Factory. Today, the kids spent part of their spring break creating outfits for "Flat Christian" to wear. Of course, they all center around Notre Dame (i.e., football outfits with helmets, leprechauns and ND Fans). Geta did make a token Gymnast, but "Flat Christian" didn't seem to care much for it! "Flat Christian" will be visiting Aunt Susi at work later in the week and then is off to Las Vegas with Uncle Timmy and Aunt Aimee next week. It has been lots of fun having him visit us.

We have enjoyed Flat Christian, but missed having Flat Cam!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

2 days in a row!

Hey, look at me... I am posting 2 days in a row! While we spent most of today weeding in the yard, the highlight of our day came when we finally got to go bike riding! We got one of the bike carriers last weekend and decided today was the perfect day to take it on its maiden voyage. To make matters more exciting, we brought Flat Cam (or actually Flat Christian) on our voyage. The bad news is that Mike was riding them. (not sure why I did that, but I was slightly concerned about my ability to pull 80 extra pounds of kids on my bike!) We had originally intended to take Flat Cam/Christian (got the wrong kid's paper doll) to Notre Dame, but since we didn't leave until 5pm, we decided a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's was a much better idea. Geta and Tamene had a great time riding in thier new bike carrier (even though Grandma pinched Tamene's chin with his bike helmet clip!) You could hear them giggle and laugh all during the ride!
Have a good weekend! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. I can't believe it, but the weather man keeps telling me the same thing! Oh well, perhaps we will visit the Studebaker Museum with Flat Cam/Christian!
Love, Kristen

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week it has been...

So, with all big families, there are bound to be times where multiple kids are sick at the same time. Well, let me tell you. It is now VERY clear to me that we have a big family! We spent the better part of Sunday night/Monday morning cleaning sheets and showering kids. Our 3 oldest had a bought of the flu. We would no sooner get back in bed and the next kid would run to the bathroom (and undoubtedly not make it). I don't need to give you the gory details, but let me suffice to say, it was ugly! I worked from home on Monday after about 3 hours of sleep and the kids slept most of the day. We all had chicken noodle soup for dinner (just in case). Now that we are at the end of the week, I am feeling better about the possibility that no one else is going to get it.

On Wednesday, Geta had to make another trip to the dentist to have her bottom 2 one-year molars pulled. Unfortunately, they were too decayed to save, but we are thankful they were just baby teeth. She did not like the feeling of Novocain AT ALL. Since Daddy took her to the dentist, Mommy was once again the favorite and she didn't have many kind words for daddy! And then, daddy forgot to email the tooth fairy, so he was in the dog house the next day too!

We have confirmed that Geta is definitely older than expected. Her bone scan estimate her between 6 and 6yrs 10 months. So we are calling her 6 yrs 4 months and making her birthday December 8, 2002.

We are working with Tamene again on the Poe-Poe (toilet). He is successful a couple of times a day, but all because of schedule and not at all because he has a clue what to do. But he gets so excited when his chair starts singing to him! He hasn't quite figure out how that works.

Oh... and did I mention that Mike tried to cut Tamene's hair. I know this is where I should insert a picture, but I was too mad to take one! Let's just say, he will NEVER attempt this again if he values his life!

All the kids are sleeping (except Courtney who is at a retreat), so I am signing off to enjoy some quiet time and possibly get some reading done!

Be safe,