Thursday, April 23, 2009

8 is enough, but is 6 too many

Okay, so I have been meaning to post this for a while now because in my book, it is too good not to share.  Don’t tell Kristen as I am not sure she would love me sharing (let’s hope she doesn’t read our blog).

Anyway, during our outings, when we are loading up in the car, we have now taken to roll call to be sure we have everyone.  It actually makes for some fun.  Do we need to do this?  Well, read on.

So, we are at church on Saturday and we have to leave relatively soon after Mass as Kristen and I have plans (gotta like that).  We, of course, stay after Mass for our typical 10-15 minutes after it ends, so we are rushing out of church.  We are all walking and Geta is holding the door for me.  I see all the kids but Josh, and Geta says “where’s Joshua?”  I said he is ahead of us and around the corner as I thought he was, and I yell to Patrick, “Do you see Josh?”  I know, nice use of quotes.  You feel like you are there with me, don’t you?  I, of course, get caught up in something else and never listen for Patrick’s response.

Flash ahead.  I like that segway too.  We are now home and I am throwing together some leftovers for dinner as we have maybe 15 minutes to get out the door and I want to have all the kids fed.  I am now 5 minutes in (the anticipation builds) and the phone rings.  It is Fr. Nate.  “Mike, are you missing something?”  It comes to me.  He says, “Joshua is here with me.”  I, of course, being quick witted as always, say “Can we pick him up after 10am Mass tomorrow?”

Geta tells Mommy she was trying to tell us.  Maybe we missed that one.

I find comfort in the knowledge that everyone leaves one of their kids now and then, right.  Isn’t that what happens on Kate plus Eight.  I have never watched but I assume so.  And next week, Kate plus seven.  Nice tag line, who wouldn’t watch.

Don’t worry Josh is home and well and we now know how very important roll call is.  I am off to count the kids.  Later.  Mike




  1. We forgot Elizabeth (#5) at church once when she was 3 or 4. When Mom went to pick her up, Elizabeth said, "Don't worry Mom. We prayed for you." :)

  2. Thank goodness it wasn't Flat Christian!!