Friday, April 3, 2009

What a week it has been...

So, with all big families, there are bound to be times where multiple kids are sick at the same time. Well, let me tell you. It is now VERY clear to me that we have a big family! We spent the better part of Sunday night/Monday morning cleaning sheets and showering kids. Our 3 oldest had a bought of the flu. We would no sooner get back in bed and the next kid would run to the bathroom (and undoubtedly not make it). I don't need to give you the gory details, but let me suffice to say, it was ugly! I worked from home on Monday after about 3 hours of sleep and the kids slept most of the day. We all had chicken noodle soup for dinner (just in case). Now that we are at the end of the week, I am feeling better about the possibility that no one else is going to get it.

On Wednesday, Geta had to make another trip to the dentist to have her bottom 2 one-year molars pulled. Unfortunately, they were too decayed to save, but we are thankful they were just baby teeth. She did not like the feeling of Novocain AT ALL. Since Daddy took her to the dentist, Mommy was once again the favorite and she didn't have many kind words for daddy! And then, daddy forgot to email the tooth fairy, so he was in the dog house the next day too!

We have confirmed that Geta is definitely older than expected. Her bone scan estimate her between 6 and 6yrs 10 months. So we are calling her 6 yrs 4 months and making her birthday December 8, 2002.

We are working with Tamene again on the Poe-Poe (toilet). He is successful a couple of times a day, but all because of schedule and not at all because he has a clue what to do. But he gets so excited when his chair starts singing to him! He hasn't quite figure out how that works.

Oh... and did I mention that Mike tried to cut Tamene's hair. I know this is where I should insert a picture, but I was too mad to take one! Let's just say, he will NEVER attempt this again if he values his life!

All the kids are sleeping (except Courtney who is at a retreat), so I am signing off to enjoy some quiet time and possibly get some reading done!

Be safe,

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