Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Photo from Easter

So, many are wondering why we don't post pictures of our other kids on this site. I don't have a good reason. So I thought I would take this opportunity to put some family pictures from Easter. Hope you enjoy!


  1. The family pictures are beautiful!! And, thanks for sharing the story about leaving Josh at church. I can see it turned out fine, which makes it hysterical (and makes me feel better about my own challenges with knowing the whereabouts of only 4 children).

  2. For sure - Great story. You were just going home from church, not too far - but yet far enough. Mom has a couple of good ones - you'll have to be refreshed. We were Moving to New York from Alliance Ohio - and yes - left Laura behind. Roll call brought great light to the vehicle that day. lol lol - I think Val was left behind on the turnpike once also - great fun trying to get turned around on that great stretch of road. Love the updates. Keep them coming. Luv you guys. :O))