Friday, March 27, 2009

Geta's 1st Field Trip

Wednesday, Geta and I went on her first field trip.  It could very well be the most important event to happen to her for some time, as it was a field trip to the hallowed Golden Dome.


Due to the threat of rain, we actually took a bus (not my bus mind you) the 500 feet across campus.  We sketched the Golden Dome from the outside and then we went inside and looked at the murals.


One of the things her class is doing is having various parents who work at Notre Dame tell the kids about what they do.  On this day, one of the parents who works in the Golden Dome, told us about her job in the news and information department.  At the end she asked if there were any questions.  And here comes one of the two highlights of this day for me.  One little boy raised his hand and asked her, “How did God make the Earth?”  She deferred to the teacher, but truthfully, I think that falls under the category of information and if we got the answer, it would definitely be newsworthy.


One other thing I am sure you are all dying to know.  Geta would tell you there are 22 steps up to get into the Administration Building.


And the other highlight of my day is when Geta was pointing at something and then with a surprised voice, said to me, “Little Beep Beep.”  So, she saw her first golf cart.


It was a very fun trip and it is, of course, of the utmost importance to familiarize her with Notre Dame as soon and as often as possible.




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