Thursday, March 5, 2009

Geta goes to school -- Tamene meets Barney

Ok, so I have been scolded 4 times in the last 48 hours for not posting on the blog. I don't have the camera handy, so I am going to add pictures later. But I thought an update was better than nothing!

The big news at the Morin house is that Geta starts school Monday morning. She has asked us frequently if she can go to school. This is something I had never considered (assuming she would not be ready), so Mike and I have been calling around all week trying to figure out what the best option for her is. Part of me feels that she is very ready to go to school. But I am also hoping that we are not pushing her too fast. She has come so far in the last month. I would really hate to screw that all up by putting her in new and terrifying situations. But how can I tell her no when she asks, no actually she begs, to go to school. She sees the other kids leave every morning and she asks, "Geta school. Please Mommy!" Yesterday, I was reading books to her. She was talking through the words she knew from the pictures and I was reading words. She said something about a story and I showed her how her letters make words. Her next question was, "Mommy, Geta school please!" She definitely relates school to learning and if she is ready, who am I to stop her. So, she will be starting at ECDC at Notre Dame on Monday morning. We go tomorrow so she can see her classroom and meet her teachers. I plan to let her stay there for as long as they will let us in the hopes that Monday by herself won't be so bad. I, of course, will be a wreck, but I hope she has a great time and loves it! It is a 5 day program from 8:30 to 11:30am and conveniently starts when I go back to work. So part of me feels God is helping make that transition a little easier.

The other news at the Morin household is that Tamene saw his first Barney video and LOVED it. We have been singing Barney songs all week long! Their favorite is the "Hello and How are you" song. But there are several that we sing through. I happened to be trying to find the second verse to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" to help Geta learn more body parts. I was watching a video on YouTube hoping that they sang the second verse. Tamene woke from his nap, so I showed him the video. He was mesmerized! It has definitely been a blast from the past for me. Our other kids LOVED Barney, but we haven't played his songs in many, many years. I am kicking myself for giving away all those videos!

Anyhow, on another front, both Courtney and Joshua lost teeth this past week! It seems to be the thing to do at the Morin household! We spent the majority of dinner last night counting all the teeth that everyone has lost. I believe the count went something like this:

Tamene = 0
Geta = 5
Josh = 3 (with 2 more hanging by a thread)
Emily = 8
Patrick = 12
Courtney = 17

Thank you to everyone at work for the AWESOME party this afternoon. It was really great to see everyone and to catch up on what has been happening around work. Geta thinks Mommy's work is lots of fun and wants to come back. (Hee Hee) I tried to explain to her that that was just the place I work, but that we were having a party. I am not sure she got it, but I am glad to know she likes my work! Tamene loved hearing Mr. Scott play guitar for him! It was great fun and we truly appreciate all the effort and support you have all shown during this special time in our lives!

I will post tomorrow (I hope!) to let you know how school goes.



  1. My mother-in-law asked me to pass this along:
    She can find a huge supply of old videos including Barney videos at Once Upon a Time, the kids' consignment shop near the TJ Maxx store off Grape Road. Her new son Tamene apparently loves Barney! I am assuming she literally meant videos for a VCR which is probably what her older kids watched several years ago. Goodwill sometimes has them but Once Upon has more and they are displayed well for easy selection.

  2. That is a great idea! I will check it out tomorrow. We had videos ages ago, but they have long since been passed on. Please thank your Mother-in-law for the idea!