Thursday, February 26, 2009

Geta lost a tooth!

Big news at the Morin household! Geta lost her first tooth while in our care. It happened Tuesday night at dinner. We were feasting on Tacos provided by the Karban family and Geta opted for the hard shell. After a couple of bites, she started fidgeting with her front tooth. She was making it twirl in full circles, so we knew it was hanging on by a thread. Mike pretended to pull his own tooth out and Geta was not impressed. She opted to work on hers by herself. She came and stood by me, just to make sure Daddy didn't pull any fast ones on her. After a few minutes she had the tooth in her hand and all her siblings were rushing to congratulate her. How exactly does one explain the tooth fairy to someone with limited English skills? Well, we put the tooth in a little baggy and marched her up to her room to place it under her pillow. She looked at us funny, but it seemed to be as good a place as any to store a tooth you don't need anymore. So she felt ok with it. The next morning (being Ash Wednesday) was a hectic morning, so we opted to have her check under the pillow Wednesday evening. She was ecstatic to find some money (which we had just learned about on Tuesday afternoon thanks to Josh's center worksheet that came home from school) and a lollipop. I am still not sure she gets the tooth fairy concept, but I guarantee you she will put her next tooth under her pillow to see what happens!

I also introduced Geta and Tamene to the piano. I was playing one morning and Tamene was very intrigued with the music. He played with me for awhile. Then he sat on the floor while Geta explored this instrument. After close to 1/2 hour of playing with her, I opted to break out Emily's keyboard. We have already replaced the batteries and will need to do so again, but they really love the music!

We also took Aunt Aimee's weaving project to a new level. With Courtney's assistance, the kids all weaved placemats for the kitchen table. Geta made placemats for mommy and daddy using a mosaic instead of weaving. Geta, Miss Lisa and Courtney all ventured out today to have them lamentated, so we will use them the first time tonight for dinner. Geta was so proud to realize what we were going to use these for. While they were out, Miss Lisa stopped by the craft store to get Geta a loom so she can weave a pot holder. She is working hard on that now!

We are off to Indy this Saturday to go to an Ethiopian restaurant and meet some other families who have adopted from Ethiopia. It should be lots of fun, but will make for a very long day! We hope to see Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Bob while we are there.

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  1. Alright Geta! Wow, that girl is brave. I am way too squeamish to handle something like that.

    Kristen, I tried emailing you to let you know that we are going to stay overnight in Indy, too. Let me know what hotel you're staying at!