Monday, February 23, 2009

New Hurdle...

Ok, so I will not get the prize for frequency in posting. I have great intentions, but days just pass so quickly!

We had a great weekend. Friday marked the first "official" day with the new school bus. Ok, it is really only a 12 passenger van, but it sure feels like a school bus. The kids love it because they have lots of room, but I.... Well, let's just suffice to say, I am not nearly as impressed with it. So Mike drives it (and anyone who knows Mike, knows this is a very dangerous prospect!) But I must say I have been quite impressed that he has gotten it in and out of the garage (with very little room to spare) 3 days in a row now. (I am wishing I had pictures of how tight a squeeze it is!)

We spent the better part of the weekend playing Uno and spending quality family time together. We have been so blest to have so many meals provided to us, so I don't have to worry about cooking! I did venture out to the grocery store on Sunday because poor Oscar (our cat) had nothing to eat! But the rest of us are very well fed and can't thank everyone enough for taking such good care of us! We actually had Ethiopian food twice last week and Geta and Tamene were in 7th heaven! They were so happy to know that Injera can be made in the United States, too. They also really enjoyed watching all of us enjoy the food they love so much! It was a really special time. Our friends, the Costellos, enjoyed the second Ethiopian meal with us and brought photos of their newest son's time at he care center. Geta was so interested in the pictures of African huts and the familiar surroundings of the care center. Joshua was thrilled to see his friend Tariku, who was the guard at the guesthouse who played lots of basketball with Josh. We were so happy to have them over and meld some of the past with where we are today. These types of situations lay the ground work that will one day lead to a very emotional discussion with Geta and Tamene about their past and thier birth father's wishes for them. Geta doesn't talk at all about her past, but some day, I will have to find a way to help her deal with her grief.

Uncle Timmy and Aunt Aimee also got to meet Geta and Tamene for the first time this weekend. Geta and Tamene were a little shy in the beginning, but warmed up pretty quickly. (Come on, this is Uncle Timmy! What can you expect!) Aunt Aimee won Geta's heart by teaching her how to weave with paper. Geta has spent the time since then working to redecorate the kitchen! Between the weaving and then learning that tape makes things stick to walls, I am not sure which she liked more. But it has been hours of entertainment which would have otherwise been spent playing Uno. So I am glad for the distraction!

Please let me warn you that if you have a weak stomach, then you should stop reading now! But if you have a stronger stomach, I must share my latest hurdle. I have to get a stool sample from Geta. Tamene's is much easier since it is right in his diaper and he prefers a clean diaper when it is time to produce "Ca Ca". That is Amharic word for excrement of any kind so can apply to trash, poop or even daddy! But I am struggling with how to explain to Geta that she needs to poop in a cup. After my first attempt to explain, she nodded, took the cup, filled it with water and drank out of it. Hmmm... Back to the drawing board. The directions say that no urine can contaminate the sample. Someone suggested I put a trashbag over the toilet to catch the "Ca Ca". But how do I explain that she should not pee in the trash bag. I can't wait to read all your comments! Sorry for the disgusting topic, but you have to admit it is kind of funny! At this point, I have no idea how I will get the sample, but I am sure I will have more stories to tell!
More updates later.
PS You might all want to bombard Mike with email asking when he will post next. A little pressure can go a long way!

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