Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some pictures of the kids...

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting some pictures of Geta and Tamene, so I am going to add some and will post with more details later. Enjoy! They are just precious and I can't wait for everyone to meet them!


  1. Welcome to Michiana, Geta and Tameme! Your family doesn't know me, but I was blessed with two Ethiopian grandbabies one year ago this week. They are now typical American toddlers, who will be two in April and August, "near twins" as I call them. They come to my home day care every weekday while their mom teaches in a South Bend high school and their daddy (my son) a 1999 Trinity School graduate, works as a manager at a business in Mishawaka. I have a lot of friends who have children attending Trinity so I heard about your adoptions from several people all so excited to have you with us! God bless you and all of your family!
    Grandma Beebe

  2. Prayers answered. So glad you made it home safe and sound. The pictures are great. So glad to get to see them. ADORABLE!!!
    Too funny about the cat. Who'd a knew?? Lol Lol

    Hope to hear more soon. I so look forward to opening this and seeing knew updates. I don't know where you will find the time, but it is really fun to read up on your family and adventures. Love you guys - and WELCOME HOME! and Thanks for sharing. :O)

  3. What a beautiful family!! I'm glad you're all home! Love, Tracy