Monday, February 2, 2009

A note from Courtney

Hi Guys,


How are all of you? I’m great! Ethiopia is great too, but it is nothing like the US. So far I’ve done many things and met many people. I even went to the national museum and saw Lucy and pictures of Shelam, the two oldest most complete skeletons in the world that we studied in Ancient History this year!

I also met Geta and Tamene Friday. Tamene was not happy and Geta was scared but she played with us anyway. Both have made drastic improvements. I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow though when we bring them back to the guest house for a while.

            Ethiopia has many poor beggers on the street. It is really sad. Also many houses are very bare and have holes them. The houses outside of the city are different though. They are really cool.

            I have to go now but I will tell you all about it and bring back pictures when I come home.


  1. Hey Courtney! That's great that you've seen Geta and Tamene. I hope Tamene gets used to all of you soon.:-) That is AWESOME that you saw the skeletons that we learned about in Ancient History! Who would've thought that you would accually see the real skeletons! I remember reading about them. Well, it's great to hear that you are doing well and I'll talk to you soon! Love,
    Marilyn Preuss

  2. Dear Kristine and Mike,
    What a wonderful opportunity for you to meet Geta and Tamene's father and to hear all about their earlier years. I suppose that tomorrow February 4 is the official "Gotcha Day" and will be remembered for sometime, along with all the other milestones. Congratulations! Our hearts are with you everyday, reminding us of our journey to bring home Li and Mei.
    All our love,
    Laura, Don, Li and Mei

  3. Hi Courtney! I am so glad that you and all your family are back home. I can not wait to see Geta and Tamene, they sound like very neat kids. I am enjoying hearing about the trip and love the pictures too.

    Rachel Miro