Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please and Thank you

So I ventured out yesterday to take Joshua to the Eye Doctor. Tamene and Geta went with me, but once we reached the doctor's office, Geta was too overwhelmed to stay. So she went home with Miss Lisa and the older kids while Tamene and Joshua and I stayed for the appointment. While we were waiting, Joshua asked me what I did during the day. I told him about all the games of Uno I lost and then all the games of Go Fish that I lost. I also threw in the fact that I had given both Geta and Tamene a bath. His very frank response was, "well you didn't really do much today." It is sad but true! It seems like we make progress everyday, but we don't do much of anything.

Geta loves to play games. Unfortunately, they are the same games over and over. And she is quite competetive, so she always has to win. She is not above cheating to win!

Tamene has learned the word "No" and uses is often and with enthusiasm. I guess this is normal for a 2 year old, but I liked it better before he knew that word! Geta has learned to say Please and realizes this gets her what she wants. We are still working on Thank you. She won't say it, but will smile and bat those beautiful eyelashes at you. For now, that is just as good as a Thank you! She has also learned all the words to Barney's "Clean up" song. We ONLY sing this song when it is time to clean up, so hopefully that will help Geta learn that she has responsibilites around the house also.

I took Geta and Tamene to St. Joe Grade School today. It went pretty well, but Geta was a little shy. Joshua's Kindergarten class was at music, so we got to explore the Kindergarten classroom. I am hoping this will make Geta a little more comfortable in the classroom when she has to attend Kindergarten visitation day on March 20th. Yikes! That will be here soon and I am hoping she is ready.

Anyhow, I have to go play more Go Fish!


PS Happy Birthday Cam!

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  1. I love these pictures - they are great. What adorable kids. They have the best smiles ever. I also have to say - I am so glad to see that Mike is brushing up on his luau moves. hee hee Practice - Practice.
    Your progress probably does seem slow to you, but sure measures a great deal from here. They are so lucky - and you are so blessed. Hugs, love and prayers from OHIO. :O))