Sunday, March 8, 2009

G & T finally meet Grandma and Grandpa Morin

Geta, Mike and I visited ECDC on Friday morning. The class would be perfect for her. There are 3 teachers for 22 students and there is another little boy that doesn't speak English either. While she never ventured far from Mom and Dad, she seemed to have fun exploring the classroom and seeing all the things that were there. She listened to a story and ate snack with the kids. She smiled a lot and even shook the teachers hands when we left. When her siblings asked her about her visit, she smiled and seemed happy. But then by Friday night when we were getting ready for bed, she said, "No, Geta school." I think the idea of being there by herself is very overwhelming. So I am going to take her tomorrow and see how it goes. I think she would enjoy it if she can get over her fear of being without us. Today she has been asking if Tamene can go to school. I explained that Tamene is little and Geta is big. She seemed ok with that response. So we will see what tomorrow morning brings...

Today we took all the kids in the "Morin Family Bus" to Chicago to meet Mike's parents. We had a great day visiting with them, and with Mike's sister's family. Geta and Tamene didn't take long to feel pretty comfortable in their new surroundings. Grandma had prepared and had Uno and Sorry ready to play, so that helped a lot! Tamene even took a nap in one of Grandma's beds. He fell asleep quickly and about and hour and a half later, he sat up in bed and called my name. I thought for sure he would wake up screaming, but he did just fine.
I am adding a few pictures of Geta with her weaving project and then some Ethiopian dress up.
We continue to thank God everyday for both of these kids being a part of our lives. They are so precious and we are truly blest to have them for our children!

Please pray for Geta as she struggles with school. (and for me as I will be a total wreck worrying about her!) I start back to work part time tomorrow, so I will be at work during the time she is at school. At least I am close if the teacher needs me to come get her.


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  1. We'll be thinking of Geta (and you!) tomorrow morning. Hoping it goes well.