Friday, January 30, 2009

Catching up

We have just arrived at the CHSFS guest house, having made the move in three cars to accommodate all of us and our luggage.  Again it was quite a scene.  We arrived just as the previous travel group departed for the airport and had a chance to meet them and their adopted children.  It was with some sadness that we said good-bye to Helen, Caleb and the staff at the New Flower Guest House and to Ayele and Ashu our drivers.  They have all been so attentive to us and we have seen much of Addis Ababa thanks to the two drivers. 


On Tuesday we hung out at the New Flower guest house most of the day while the children did homework, journaled, played soccer and basketball in the courtyard and generally took a day off.  We ventured out for dinner to an Italian restaurant called Makush, a short taxi drive down Bole Road.  It was pretty much unanimous that we enjoyed the Ethiopian dinner the night before far more, although the food was not terrible.  Patrick and Barb might have been hard to convince as the night progressed.


On Wednesday all but Patrick and Barb (who spent the day in bed after a very long night) took a day trip (10:00am - 6:00pm) south of Addis to two crater lakes and a lovely resort, a rock-hewn church (Adabi Maryam) and Tyia (grave markers of 12th century wariors).  Ask Josh, he can tell you all about them!  Courtney made the trip, but got sick on the way home (thank goodness for Kristen who provided the ziploc bag!) and went straight to bed.  Those who were well enjoyed dinner with Awol, a former ND law student the Morins had met in South Bend last summer and have communicated with since.


Tomorrow we meet Geta and Tamene for the first time, so excitement is high.  Hopefully we'll be able to post daily from the CHSFS guest house, so more later.




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