Friday, January 23, 2009

Mike's first ever blog

Wow, what a month. And to think life is only going to get busier. We have spent the past year and especially the past month gathering paperwork, planning our trip, looking at vans, stressing about plane flights (Kristen) and getting excited. Kristen has read ever book known to adoption-kind and I have told her I like to take it as it comes and just be grounded in my principles and ready for action if need be. Some call that lazy (Kristen again maybe), I call it laid back. Okay, I am not laid back, but I am certainly not lazy. There is a long inside joke about that one (Ray), but I have only a few moments before we board the first of our planes.

So, in the past week, we have looked at a 12 passenger van. I love the idea of being able to have my entire family plus Bill and Barb be able to fit in the same van (Bill can drive) for any and all events; Redamax, camping, vacations etc. And as many point out, the white multi-passenger van will fit right in in my work parking lot. I won’t even know which one is mine. In my old job, I was the crazy one with 4 kids, in my newer job, I am just getting started with kids. We have Rich with 10, Randy and Tim with 7, but I passed Chris who only has 5. So, multi-passenger vans are the norm and mine will be obscured in the lot.

Oh and as I promised, here is a shout out to Lauri and Beth, you guys (gals) rock.

Okay, so is this blogging supposed to be free-flowing rambing? I know, not much different than a conversation with me, but I digress. I said it for you Bob.

So, we have had an adventure already. See the attached picture of the van. It is say 9:20am, we have to be at bus by 10 and I start to pack the car. We have 19 bags. I put the first 4 bags in and the trunk is full. Time for the 12 passenger van!! So, I jam some in the back seat and decide the kids will have to ride with their legs up. Still more bags keeping finding their way to the van for me to put in. Okay, now I decide, all 4 kids in the far back (don’t tell the police, the pictures don’t truly show us driving and it was only a mile or two to the bus) and I load bags in one of the 2nd row seats. Still more bags. Okay, I have decided I will kneel or squeeze in a second row seat myself as I now need that floor space too. All the bags are in and right on cue, here comes Kristen with the camera. She always wanted 8 kids. But then, I always said, if I were going to have a fifth, it would be a fifth of whiskey. Some may says she is off to get 6th and 7th, but I contend that I am a quasi-adult, just a kid at heart, so it is really only our 5th and 6th, not her 6th and 7th.

I promise my next blog will be more reflective of the experience we are embarking on, but as I did a week’s worth of work in the past hour and actually locked a loan, maybe two in the past half hour in the airport (have I mentioned historic low rates), I can’t keep my mind from racing a mile a minute.

And I say the kids on my basketball team need ridilin. I am off to relax and calm down on the plane, before all heck breaks loose with my new Super-Sized family. Sorry to ramble. Blogging off. Mike


  1. So, you're probably pretty close to in the air, and I have you now on my feed list. I love Mike's post about the luggage (and ritalin). Very appropriate for a family that has just been through what you have and has oh-so-much-more to come. We can't wait to meet your family one of these days! Blessings, Danielle

  2. Dear Morin Family,
    We are so excited for your family. Mei and Li are reading with great anticipation to meet Geta and Tamene. Safe travels, hugs and kisses.
    Love, Laura, Don, Mei and Li

  3. Aaaaahhhh! I love it! Mike, you should have started blogging long ago. I'm totally confused, though. I thought you were taking a limo? Is it, like, a limo bus or am I just missing something?