Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Geta sees her first Tarantula

Yesterday, Miss Lisa took Courtney, Geta and Tamene to the pet store. (I must admit that I am not entirely sure why, because there will be NO animals coming to my house!) While they were there, Courtney spotted a Tarantula inside an aquarium. She called Geta over to look at it and, in full voice, Geta started singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"! It was pretty humorous!
Construction in the Laundry room is moving along. All the walls are up, electrical and plumbing done, subfloor is laid, skylight and hottub are gone and drywall and mudding are complete. Today they started priming the walls and tomorrow the tile floor will be laid. I am really hoping that by the end of next week, it will all be done!

Geta has started taking violin lessons from Courtney. Courtney's teacher thought it would be good experience for Courtney to teach violin, so she is teaching Courtney how to teach Geta. They both practice together everyday. It is pretty sweet. Emily will start with private lessons after school is out and then will join the strings program in the Fall. Patrick will start Guitar lessons next week. He has done a great job with the Trombone this past year. He has proven his sincerity and discipline in practicing. So we gave him guitar lessons for his birthday. He is very excited. (We are turning into quite the musical family, which does not bode well for the volume level in our house!) I am currently listening to Patrick on trombone, Geta on recorder, Josh on toy drums and Emily on the electric keyboard. Add into that Tamene screaming because he has no instrument! Ugh!!! Is it time to go to work yet?
Geta and Emily are playing soccer at the YMCA. Emily scored one of her teams 2 goals on Saturday to help bring her team to victory. Geta is still trying to figure out how the game is played, but did a great job staying in the action and making sure her foot touched the ball every once in a while!

This weekend, Mike and I head to Chicago for a weekend away with our college friends! We are so excited. My parents are taking all six kids camping, so please pray for them and their sanity!

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