Monday, June 29, 2009

A night in the life of the Morin Family

OK, so first I must apologize for not posting for such a long time. June is a blurr at this point. We have experienced so much: our first weekend away from the kids, Grandma and Grandpa Carlson taking all 6 kids camping, kids visit to grandma's in Chicago for a week, my nieces Confirmation, a great weekend in Indy with awesome friends from Lexington and then a trip to my uncle's lake cottage in Michigan. How fortunate we are to have so many friends and family who have all lovingly and enthusiastically welcomed the newest members of our family!

In the midst of all of that, the laundry room was completed, guitar lessons for Patrick started and violin lessons for Geta, Emily and Courtney are underway. Life is truly similar to a whirlwind, but we are loving every minute of it!

During this month, Geta and Tamene have been swimming (although we still haven't mastered the difference between a swimming pool and a lake). They went on a speed boat and loved every minute of it. Geta even ventured out on the tube behind the boat with Courtney and strict instructions saying "I do NOT like fast!" Geta learned that we are just a "phone call" away at any given moment, and Geta has declared that she is "done with Tamene" and wants to move to Emily and Courtney's room.

Oh... but stop the boat, we have a story to tell about that. Geta and Emily go to bed at their normal bedtime, while Courtney stays up to read, plan book club and whatever else she does in her spare time. At 10:00PM when she is ready for bed, she notifies us that she is locked out of her room. We spend the next hour pounding on the door, playing trombone in front of the door, setting off the house alarm (intentionally) and making our way outside to pound on the windows: all in the hopes of waking our beautiful, sleeping cherubs. Did I mention it was all to now avail?!!??!?! So my darling husband goes to bed and I next contemplate calling the fire department to break my daughters out of their room. But, giving it one last college try, Emily finally wakes to use the bathroom. (note it has nothing to do with all the noise we have made, but thank God the bladder called!) We are able to enter the room to see Geta didn't miss a snore. Emily gladly used the "poo poo" and was back in bed as if nothing ever happened. I gained 18 grey hairs (not bad for just one night!) and was off to bed.
All in a regular night at the Morin house. Can't wait to see what adventure tomorrow brings....


  1. kristen it looks so awesome!! i am jealous of all that space to ORGANIZE! :) looks like you guys are enjoying your summer!

  2. I agree with shelley - that room is amazing!!! I want one :). And lol to the bedtime story. What a hoot. Good to know you can have crazy parties without waking the kids ;).